Trade inquiries

Our Chinese and Brazilian teams can provide you with everything you need before you start trading: contact with potential suppliers, important documentation, storage solutions, quotations on transport (internal and export), travel arrangements, and many other invaluable local tips.

Factory audit

Our experts verify if your potential suppliers are duly registered and visit their installations. They contact managers and key personnel, check on their production and give you all the pertinent intelligence you need to make a well-reasoned decision.

Preproduction analysis

We make sure your production plans have been well understood by the workers and those in charge, as well as third parties. Our analysis even includes foreseeing periods of higher-than-usual volume to make certain the production plans remain unscathed throughout.

Production by stages

You want to check-up on production at various stages? We act as your eyes on site and regularly report back to you. Please contact us to learn more about this highly customized service.

Unitary inspection

Our team combs through the entire production of your goods, inspecting every detail and reporting flaws so you can take action quickly and apply adequate corrective measures.

Pre-shipment inspection

Before your order leaves the factory, we quantify and verify your shipment using an in-depth sampling procedure, focusing on the characteristics that matter most to you. We also attest that products have been labelled to your liking and comment on storage and handling conditions.

Verification of conformity

Even more exhaustive than a pre-shipment inspection, the verification of conformity (VOC) process allows you to specify almost twice as much characteristics to be checked on by our team, who also ascertains the items are in the right quantity.

Container filling

We keep a sharp eye on the goods about to ship as they are placed inside containers, which we seal securely to put your mind at ease.

Container (or items) loading

We oversee the loading of all containers or items onto trucks and take note of which transport units are used.

Destination inspection

We provide you with a report on the condition of your fresh or frozen products upon their arrival at their final destination, including temperature measures and the verification of the contractual terms. Acting as your team before distant buyers, creates a dissuasive effect for any action that can unfairly harm your interests.

We are your eyes on the field.

VerSsur is a Canadian company that offers customized verification services from China and Brazil. We check on your overseas orders by keeping a keen eye on them and providing you with acute, real-time data about their status.

Our team is comprised of professionals with a vast experience in multicultural management challenges. We strive on cultural differences and make it our duty to adapt ourselves to local realities, no matter the coordinates.

As a 100 % independent verification company, objectivity and integrity are our most intrinsic values. We also adhere to strict compliance codes due to the nature of our activities.


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